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Finding Delight in 2018

Angelina OberdanComment

January 2018 is already over. And, okay, seriously, I meant to write a New Years blog 31 days ago. And I didn’t. We can go ahead and blame that on my lack of New Year’s resolution. Or not. 


I did sort of make a resolution for 2018, but it is not quantifiable at all. And thus it doesn’t demand anything like: Write one blog per week.

Instead my 2018 focus is on finding delight. 

As I posted on Instagram, 2017 was a hard freaking year. I learned that the unexpected can derail the best of intentions. Having RA seriously discomposed me. 

And because of that, I just can’t stomach the idea of judging my success by counting anything. When I was really sick last year, I would tell myself, “Tomorrow I’ll get back to my goals.” I didn’t have a single goal that my body could regularly meet: I couldn’t swim three days every week, or even always swim 3000 yards when I did get in the pool, or meet my dwindling step goal, or grade five papers everyday, or write regularly. I know that resolutions are supposed to be optimistic, but I live in a body just decided to start to eating its bones about a year ago. I am not a resolution optimist this year. 

So delight. Dan wanted to know more about my quest for delight. What did that mean? Did I want to eat dinner at the table more? How could he help? I still don’t have an answer. 

Focusing on delight is about finding it in the things I already do. In 2017, I was a sick, pain-ridden, over-committed maniac. I didn’t have time or energy to love much of what I did. I just kept doing it because I used to love it. 

All I want to do this year is to find that love again. To find the delight. 

And—despite the lack of blogging—I have already started. And my blog goal this year is to write about what delights me and to reflect on what doesn’t.