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Denver: Last Post About My Summer 2017 Adventures

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Really, the best part of visiting my dad, Keith, in Denver at the end of the summer was that I got back on track with all running, swimming, and biking that I love doing. 

And, as some of you know, I'm on another interesting adventure, so I wanted to make sure I got this one posted first.

Denver is the only city other than Charlotte that I'd consider living in because it's quirky and gorgeous and has even more green space(There are a larger predatory animals in Denver, which freaks me out; I do not want to have to worry about mountain lions.) 

Let's be real. Since I was diagnosed with RA--or really, since before I was diagnosed and my hands were swollen and I was exhausted--, I haven't been working out as much. And I love working out. I kept swimming, because it's the only thing that doesn't have too many bone-related risks. However, the summer pool schedule is wonky, and I wasn't making as many practices as I wanted. I started running again in May, but was really scared and slow. After all, RA usually effects hands and feet. It's not in my feet yet, so I had to get over it. I love running too much. I also had to get over not being as fast as I used to be. And I hadn't been on my bike since sometime last fall. While biking is good for RA because it's low impact, I was scared the pressure on my wrists would make my fingers swell and I wouldn't be able to brake or even steer. 

So our first mission in Colorado was to get me some confidence in running and biking. I was super slow running, but my dad was pretty nice about it.

And biking was actually fine, although I'm going to get my bike refitted before I hop back on it for a long ride. We also got to see some Bighorn Sheep! 

We didn't just work out, of course. We also drove up the beautiful mountains to the Breckinridge Wine Festival, where we also grabbed some heavenly Mountain Top Cookies. I did not hold back even though they aren't gluten free. 


We also hit the Renaissance Festival. I've never been to one, and the costumes we saw were totally worth it! Plus I got Keith and Nancy to wear those hats! 

While I didn't take pictures, all of my favorite breakfast places are in Denver, too! 

There was also some napping, an Arctic fox on the wing of my airplane, and my mom happened to be in town for work, so we met for a glass (or two) of wine. 

I did have the most fun swimming in Chatfield Gravel Pond with Keith! 

I gained a ton of confidence back about what my body can do, and spending time with Keith is always good for my soul. Already planning my next trip.... But hopefully he'll come out to Charlotte soon (wink, wink- Keith are you reading this?)