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Blue House Updates

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As I've just embarked on my next huge house project, painting a mural up the stairwell, I realized that I haven't posted updates about the Blue House in too long.

Project 1: Crafty Presents

I made the below piggy-bank/shadow-boxes for Dan. We've been saying for years that we're going to start joint saving accounts to save for vacations and the house, but we just haven't. This was my gesture: Yes, I want to save with you for these important things!

And yes, I know they won't hold enough cash to pay for hardwood floors, but they're a great visual reminder of why we're saving. 

I also framed and added to some watercolors (from a watercolor class I took at work) for two of my good friends. 

Project 2: Sparkle in the Front Rooms

I feel like twinkle lights have been all over Facebook and Pinterest lately, and I had some laying around from our last house, so I threw them in a growler and a decorative bowl. Then I plugged them in. Sparkle-y twinkle lights! 

They're also sort of perfect because I put them on a timer, so they come on every evening, and provide just enough light. 

I also found these cordial glasses when I was cleaning out one of the closets, so I filled them with air plants and succulents (which have also been all over Facebook/Pinterest/Apartment Therapy), and lined our front windows with them. It was a good way to add a little green to the winter. 

Project 3: Coloring 

Oh yeah. For Christmas, I got ALL of the coloring supplies and coloring books. I have colored pencils, watercolor markers, and gel pens. So I've been making good use of them. 

Project 4: Garden Updates (The Biggest One!) 

Since it's the season for getting ready to plant, Dan and I started prepping the front of our house for some wonderful veggies and other edible plants. 

We built two raised beds in the front. Even though we get deer and bunnies, it's the only place our yard gets enough sun. Dan also planted those early spring veggies like cabbage and lettuce, and laid soaker hoses. 

I started cleaning out the beds directly in front of our house, filling them with bulbs and fun plants. Last year, all we had that stuck around was a fig tree, two brand-new raspberry bushes, one brand-new blueberry bush, some rosemary, one little clump of sage, a knockout rose (that has a mind of its own) and the ornamental bushes that were already there. I added strawberries, more rosemary, lavender, and a lot of irises and elephant ears. I also found these great pots at a discount store that add some height to our garden. 

I know it's so cheesy, but as first-time home owners, I love seeing our home become more and more our own. 

Updates on the mountain mural soon!