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We Tried One of Those Cooking Videos

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I love cooking, and I really like what websites like Tastemade and Tasty on Buzzfeed are doing with cooking videos. Honestly, I find the videos, with their clean backgrounds and sans-serif captions, really mesmerizing; I could watch them for hours. 

Now, I know that nothing I do/cook/bake is ever going to be that clean, but I still have been looking for the perfect opportunity to try one of those videos. And yesterday was the day!

We had eggplant and marinara sauce, and I found this video: 

Looks yummy and easy, right?! 

Side note about eggplant: It's my mom's least favorite vegetable. She can't stand it; in fact, she recently found out that she's terribly allergic to it, too. Don't worry; I didn't make this for her.

Here's what really happened: 

Gathering the ingredients was fine. We salted the eggplant; let it sit, and wiped it off before baking it. After baking the eggplant the first time (you put it in for 20 minutes by itself), we started rolling the cheese mixture in the eggplant. That's when the problems started. 

  • In the video, they end up with a whole lot more eggplant that we ended up with. I can't quite explain this, but it did lead to the rest of our problems. 
  • In the process of cooking the eggplant, getting the pan we thought we needed ready, and then finding the right-sized pan, we went through too many extra baking pans/sheets. 
  • Because we were short on eggplant, we had too much extra cheese mixture, as you can see below. Who would waste that much ricotta-mozz-parm!? 

And look: here's one regular-sized eggplant prepared and then wrapped around the cheese mixture. It filled an 8x8 pan, not a 9x13. 

Dan and I, fearless cooks that we are, decided the video was crap, and we went off-book. 

  1. We filled in all the room around the cheese-filled-eggplant rolls with more of the cheese mixture.
  2. We layered marinara over that. 
  3. We grabbed some oven-ready lasagna and layered a few sheets on (because we have oven-ready lasagna in our pantry). 
  4. We layered the rest of the cheese mixture on top of the pasta. 
  5. We slathered the cheese layer with as much marinara as possible, and then we topped it off with some shredded mozz. and parm. 
  6. And we baked it, forever. Well, we baked it for at least another hour. 

Not only did it turn out beautifully, but it looks a lot better than those eggplant roll-ups I originally set out to make. 

So, in conclusion, the video was excellent, but the recipe wasn't. And the proportions and dishes did not work out like they appeared. However, our eggplant roll-up lasagna was amazing!