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We Kicked Butt Last Weekend

Charlotte, DIY, Living Well, Thankful, The Blue House, TriathlonsAngelina OberdanComment

You know how some weekends you do absolutely nothing? Yeah? Well, last weekend we did quite the opposite. Here's what we did! 


I competed at Tri Latta! (swim = 750 meter, bike = 17 mile, run = 5k)

It was fun, and I felt great. And now I have goals! (Sort of. I'm working on coming up with some concrete racing goals and a good training plan. More on that later.) 


This guy, Jackson, came and stayed with us! 

Jackson is Dan's mom's nine-year-old lab. He's pretty goofy, but he's doing really well. And it makes wrestle-mania even more fun. 


Dan made us this! 

It's a bike hanging wall in our sitting room! We don't actually sit in the sitting room, and since we moved in, we've been stashing the bikes there. We decided to embrace it. And now our bikes have a home! 


And I decided to make a thing for our front door. 


And we spent the rest of our time chilling in the backyard with the dogs. 

That's how summer weekends should be!