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Some of My Favorite Links

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I've spent the week composing a blog about the election, about my response to it, and about some other pertinent things like that. But guest what? 

That's just not happening this week. 

Instead, I figured I would share some of my favorite links. 

For inspiration and coping: 

From Yoganonymous

"People are Dicks, Love Them Anyway + 9 Other Affirmations for Realist Spiritualists" 

When I need a teaching-related laugh: 

From McSweeny's 

"Required Reading Essay Questions Written by a First-Year Adjunct Who Does Not Have the Time or the Wherewithal to do the Required Reading"

When I need a break from grading: 

From Charlotte Agenda

"22 Hiking Trails within 90 minutes of Charlotte..." 

When I feel like I'm failing at being an adult: 

From Thought Catalogue

"20 Signs You're Doing Better Than You Think You Are" 

From The Atlantic

"The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans"

Other amazing distractions this week have been watching How to Be Single on HBO Go (which single or not is the best rom/com I've seen in awhile) and The Crown on Netflix. They are amazing. 

Maybe I'll have some deep thoughts next week. In the meantime, "People are dicks. Love them anyway."