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Painting Sugar Skulls at the Wine Palette

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So last night we painted sugar skulls at the Wine Palette in Plaza Midwood. 

I haven't painted/wine-d in years, probably five. Why not? I have no idea. I need to remember that I love this. 

First, I decided I wanted my painted to be magenta and black. At this point, it looked like a weird baby head. 

It took awhile to dry because I sort of slop on paint like shellac. But there was wine. And after it dried, I chalked on my design. 

We look pretty good, right? 

Then, I started painting the colors, and I was quickly remember of my ultimate truth: I am the dirty kid. Always. 

And here'show my sugar skull turned out! Painted and decorated! (With one jewel not quite dry.) 

I'm just going to say: All of our sugar skulls turned out pretty awesome. 

So the Wine Palette is a lot less structured than other paint/wine studios that I've been to, but it was fun and just in time for Halloween!