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Training, Again...

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So I've been out of the broken foot boot for about a month, and I'm here to report that training again... is hard. 

Yeah. It doesn't come back as fast as you want it to. After about my second week of doing flipturns with both feet, one of my Masters teammates said something like, "Just keep showing up." Ugh.

So that's what I've been doing. I've also been trying really hard to remember on my form in swimming and forget how I used to run. 

Here's what I've been doing: 

1. Swimming

It was really difficult to get back in the pool; my mom even flew in from Arizona to help. We lost one of my teammates from Clemson Aquatic Team in October, just after I broke my foot. Getting in the pool knowing Kate isn't swimming anymore seemed impossible. I wore the swimsuit she gave me until about a week ago. Every time I hop in the pool I think of her, and I'm pretty sure I always will. 

Also, it turns out that my broken foot is flopping inwards when I kick, which is throwing everything off. My wonderful coach filmed me to help figure out what's wrong. I've been trying to strengthen the muscles on the outside of my leg, which means lots of exercises out of the water and more flippers in the water (woo hoo!). 

2. Running

I have a love/hate relationship with running right now. I miss it, but I hate it while I'm running. I know my form is terrible, and some days that's all I can think about. I know; I know: I need to find a running coach. Until work calms down, I'll just keep jogging with the dogs. 

3. Biking

Dan and I both have bikes now, so we've been riding a good bit. Biking doesn't seem to bother/worry me as much because (let's be real) a lot of getting back into training is about not being anxious about the previous injury. I still haven't gotten my mountain bike out yet.

I've also been practicing hot yoga and trying mobility exercises (stretching muscles and joints). And we went backpacking last weekend, which Layla is going to write about next week! 

And the best part about getting back into training... all of the new shoes! 


So I guess it's not all hard. I mean, I just had to get new running shoes, new hiking shoes, and new shoes for work.