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Summer Style (You know, other than sweat)

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It is hot as heck outside in North Carolina right now. And I'm just saying that besides my peeling sunburn (Oops, I really did wear and reapply sunscreen.) and sweat, sometimes I actually want to look nice. 

Getting dressed in the summer is hard. I much prefer winter, when I want to wear something other than gym shorts. I do teach summer classes, so I don't have the whole summer off. I also have a lot of time to work out, so some days there's not a lot of point to getting dressed. So, even though, I'm unmotivated, I rule summer style, and this is how. 

1. I have a few basic skirts that I cycle through. 

Most of my skirts are from Modcloth.com or from Target. There's absolutely no need to pay a lot for summer skirts, especially if they're cotton. 

2. I can wear all of my summer shirts/blouses with a sports bra. (Because who wants to put on a real bra, anyway?)

No really. That's how I picked out my summer tops. I also picked up a handful of racer-back undershirts at target to hide any sports bra straps. 

3. I stick to really basic and light jewelry. 

Obviously, I love my Chloe and Isabel jewelry, and you can check out the summer styles here

4. I wear Ssekos. 

OMG. Have you heard of Ssekos? They're the best. 

5. I keep all of my workout clothes in my car because in the summer, you have to be flexible. 

Yes, this means my car smells a little bit, but I'm already ready to swim, run, or head to a yoga class. 

So this is what two of my summer outfits look like: 

I like my homemade clothes last year, but I didn't have time this year to make my own outfits. (To read about my DIY T-Shirt adventure from last year, click here.) 

What's your summer style? Links, too, please!