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Ridiculous Things I've Done Since Getting Prescription Sunglasses

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I got prescription sunglasses a few weeks ago because my contacts are irritating my eyes. Since I can't wear contacts as much and my eyes are really sensitive to light, a pair of prescription glasses was the way to go. 

The thing is that no one told me there was an adjustment period. In fact, I've done a lot of ridiculous things since wearing. 


Been that girl, frequently, who wears her sunglasses into Starbucks. Removes them and then puts them back on to read the menu. 


Arrived at work multiple times, gotten all the way to my office, and then realized I left my regular glasses in my car. 


Walked into an indoor ATM, taken my sunglasses off, and then couldn't read the screen. 


Put my glasses on while wearing my contacts. 


Left my regular glasses at home on a sunny day, and then stayed out late enough that wearing them didn't make sense anymore. 


Adopted "I Wear My Sunglasses at Night" as my theme song.