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Returning to Running

Running, TriathlonsAngelina Oberdan2 Comments

Early last week, my doctor cleared me to run! But running again was easier said than done. 

If you don't know the story of my broken foot, here it is: 

I love fall, so every September and October I pack my weekends with races and hikes. For example, the fall that I started this blog, I completed both my first olympic distance tri and my first half marathon in two weeks. Read about it here. Last October, I hiked the Grand Canyon to celebrate my mom's birthday, ran an easy 12 miles the following weekend, and then ran my favorite half marathon with my family. Around mile 6, my foot started hurting. By mile 8, I knew it was bad, but there was a wine stop, so I sampled some red wine, re-tied my shoe, and kept going. By mile 12, I knew it was really bad, but I finished last 1.1 mile anyway. By the time Dan and I flew home, and I made it in to the doctor, it was pretty clear that I broke something. 

I broke my third metatarsal. Completely. It was a stress-break, not just a stress-fracture. It's completely possible that I fractured it during the race, and then it broke because I kept running on it. It's also completely possible that the bone fractured before that, maybe during the Grand Canyon or maybe before. I don't know. I never had any uncharacteristic pain before the break. Anyway, I was on crutches for four weeks, in just a boot for four and then four more, and then I spent six weeks walking uninhibited but exercising only in low impact ways. 

So what did I have to do to start running again? 

First, I bought new shoes, Brooks, on the recommendation of my foot doctor and the guy at the shoe store. 

Then, I ran a mile with the dogs. It hurt. I was scared, and I completely overcompensated. (Don't do that.)

I ran another mile a few days later, and today, I ran about a mile and a half. 

And then I spent a lot of time researching running and recovery and running form (because mine is terrible). Here are the most useful articles I found? 

What has help you come back from running? Any tips?