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Project Complete!

DIY, Charlotte, StyleAngelina Oberdan2 Comments

Remember how I was going to paint mountains on my wall? Well, I did. 

First, I taped off my mountains on the walls I wanted to cover. 

The original blog I found this idea in recommended creating an image and then projecting it. That's not what I did. I just kind of taped away. 

Next, I went through the paint in the basement, and organized the colors from light to dark. All previous renters have left the remains of their paint down there, so I had a lot to choose from. 

I painted the lowest section of the wall navy, which is also the color of the dining room. 

I painted the next two layers two different shades of beige. 

While I was painting, Layla and finley basically stared at me, sniffed the paint, and asked to go on walks. 

I painted the highest mountain the light blue of our bathroom ceiling. Then I painted the rest of the wall this weird yellow color that I originally thought was white. 

Finley didn't care. 

Finley didn't care. 

Then! Dan and I took the tape down! 

And I have to say, it looks pretty awesome! It makes the room feel so much more complete.