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Much Less Artsy Cell Photos from Cali

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Not only did I spend some time with my fancy camera in Cali, I also took a lot of quick pics with my camera. 

After we landed in Oakland, we went straight for... CHOCOLATE! 

The we did some touristy exploring of San Fran, and visited the Golden Gate Bridge. 

It wouldn't be a real trip with out some goofy pictures! 

And I practiced my iPhone-panoramic skills. 

When we finally got to Sonoma the next day, we started off by visiting Korbel. I've never "tasted" champagne before. I learned a lot of new vocab! 

Then we headed to Goat Island, and even though I spent most of the time chasing down sea lions, Dan and I snapped a pretty cute selfie.

And the light was fading when we got to the Redwoods, but there was plenty of light to act like the goofballs we are. 

And race day! We were cheesin' the whole day. Cowabunga dude! 

After the race at Truett Hurst, the only thing I remembered to take a picture of was this goat named Dos. 


And somehow we ran into more of my family at the grocery store. It was great to unexpectedly see the Foley in Cali! 

And this was the last group shot at the last winery before we headed out. Pretty good lookin' group, huh? 

These pics might not be awesome, but the trip was!