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So How Should a Basic White Girl Really Be Defined?

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How I Figured Out I'm a Basic White Girl.

How I Figured Out I'm a Basic White Girl.

Like I wrote in my previous post, I am a basic white girl. You can read about how I figured it out, too. 

But no one (nope, not even Buzzfeed) has defined "basic white girl" well.

Even the BuzzFeed quizzes are a little lame. You can try them for yourself though, because if you're basic like me, you were going to Google them after reading this anyway. 

So here are two Buzzfeed videos that try to define basic. 

So what? Is being basic about what we wear or what we do? What comes first: women just liking something and then it becoming popular or something being popular and then women just liking it? 

I'm thinking the first option. Like Quinta Brunson says that, "Woah. I think that comsumerism is built for the basic woman or bitch, for the sake of this. [...] Without them, the pumpkin spice lattes would just be a latte; there would be no excitement around them." 

But we'll come back to the power of the basic white girl in another blog post. 

In the meantime, like Keith Habersaberger, said, don't be basic and judge women.