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Glitter Animal Ornaments!

DIYAngelina Oberdan1 Comment

Last year I had to move up from a little Christmas tree to a larger one, and when I pulled out all of my decorations this year, I realized that my tree looked pretty empty.

Remedy = DIY Glitter Animal Ornaments

I got the idea from Darby Smart's Lil' Glitter Critter Ornaments, but I changed it a little bit. 

First I gathered (not ordered) my supplies: 

  • Glitter
  • Small plastic animals (the kind that come in a tube)
  • Ribbon, regular twine, baker's twine
  • Hot glue gun, hot glue sticks
  • Mod Podge
  • Gold paint
  • Paint brushes

I lot of that I already had at home. I purchased the small plastic animals and extra glitter from Michaels. 

Note: If you're an adult without kids, recruit some kids to help. That way you won't be as embarrassed when your house is covered in glitter. 

Once I got everything together, I did a test run. I painted a few animals with gold paint and then Mod Podge and then glitter. I also tried a few animals without the gold paint. The results were equally satisfying so for the majority of the animals, I just skipped the gold paint. 

Then, I invited my friend's four- and five-year-olds over. I showed how to paint the animals with Mod Podge and sprinkle glitter on. Eventually, all the glitter was sprinkled on the table, and so we ended up rolling the animals in the glitter. It was fine, too. 


While glittering the animals and my entire house, the kiddos took breaks and fed Layla and Finley treats from the Christmas tree. 

Once all of the animals were glittered, I tied bows with ribbon and twine so they could hang from the tree. I just attached the bows with hot glue. Darby Smart recommends using small fish-eye hooks, but they were expensive and over complicated the whole thing. 

All in all, they turned out pretty well, and my tree looks friendly and festive!