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Confession: I haven't been writing.

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When I've committed to too much, I stop writing. I avoid it because to write, I have to let my brain relax. And I don't really have time to relax....  

Fortunately, last week was Sensoria at CPCC, so I was reminded how important it is that I write.  And as this fun little article on McSweeneys says, I am, afterall, my favorite woman writer.

So here's my plan, which can be yours, too, if you need to get back into writing: 

1.  Make writing everyday my first priority.

I had a prof once tell me to do what is most important first, and after that, all of the urgent stuff will get done or turn out to not be so urgent. He was, of course, correct. 

2. Forgive myself for writing poorly. 

I teach Anne Lamott's "Shitty First Drafts" to my students every term, and yet, somehow I forget to forgive myself for all of the crap poems I have to write before I write a good one. 

3. Try some basic poems, like object poems. Or try something totally different.

If not poetry, try some basic fiction or nonfiction prompts. I try to think about my favorite prompts from elementary school; while I love acrostics, I skip those, and go to my second favorite prompt. You can also try something totally different like writing in ottava rima or writing flash fiction. 

4. Find a better space. 

Remember when I wrote about The Write Place? Well that was a year ago, and now I don't have a "write place." I have (and maybe you do, too) find a place where I can write. 

5. Be quiet and still. 

That seems like a zen-ism. I doubt it is. To think, I need to make myself be quiet and still (and not take a nap). 

So I'm going to make time to write, and I'm telling you because I need you to hold me to it.