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Backpacking: Food!

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A while ago, Layla posted about our backpacking trip. (Click here to read Part 1 and here to read Part 2.) Well, obviously there was a lot of human planning that went into Layla's a-mazing adventure. And my part of that planning was food! 

Dinner (Day 1)

For our first dinner, I froze foil packs. Since we left that morning, they melted throughout the day and were thawed by dinner time. These contained: 

  • Stew beef (I wanted as little prep as possible; you could obviously upgrade the meat if you wanted.) 
  • Potatoes (I used leftover potatoes from our fridge. If I had to do it again, I would get pre-cut, frozen ones.) 
  • Onions (Again, I used what was in our fridge here. I don't mind cutting onions.) 
  • Bell Peppers (These I did actually get from frozen. Time saver!) 

A Hot Breakfast (Day 2)

This was maybe my best idea. I got a Mountain House Breakfast Skillet, and we cooked it up for breakfast with the remainder of the onions and pepper from the foil packs (or from when I made the foil packs). It was so good. It had rained and gotten really cold the night before, so the warm breakfast really helped us get on our way. 

Lunch (Day 2) 

Okay, this was my meal splurge. I wanted something I would crave and wouldn't need a fire for: pre-cut hard sausage, individually packaged olives, laughing cow cheese, and pitas. It was so good, and like a wonderful European picnic in the middle of the day. 

Dinner (Day 2) 

This was my biggest failure. I read about yummy avocado and grilled cheese sandwiches in Backpacker Magazine. I figured that I was already packing cheese and pitas, so adding a few avocados didn't seem like a big idea. These were impossible to make. 

We tried to make sandwiches, but we failed. So we ended up just mixing everything together in a pot and eating it with pitas. At least it was tasty. 

Breakfast (Day 3) 

This was our last meal, and we basically ate whatever was left. 

Dog Food

Obviously the dogs were really hungry, and we had to keep their nutrition up. At home, we do a combination of dry and wet (homemade) food. However, toting the homemade food wasn't an option because it has to be refrigerated. Instead, we do a combination of regular dry dog food, tuna (packaged in water, not canned) and water. While tuna has some drawbacks if you feed it to your dogs regularly, it's high in protein, potassium, and other vitamins that your dog needs on the trail. It's also really easy to pack. 

Obviously, it was there was some pretty good food, but I also learned a lot. If you have any suggestions about backpacking meals, I'd love to hear them!