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A Few Easy Rental Upgrades: Features from Memorial Day

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We had a lot of fun and guests over Memorial Day weekend, but we ended up spending the actual holiday upgrading our townhouse. 


Remember when I wrote about how I'm going to paint a mountain mural on our bedroom wall? Well, I haven't quite gotten there yet. However, Dan and I did steam clean the carpets, and we painted the stairway with leftover chalkboard paint. And then I colored it with chalk markers. 

I didn't really have a theme in mind when I started drawing, but I'm sure as our stairway perpetually changes, I'll have some better ideas. This time I just sort wrote things that I want to see when my eyes come in focus in the morning. The part that you can't read above the door even says, "Kick butt today!" (And of course Layla wanted to get in the picture.) 


Aren't we required to go to Lowe's on Memorial Day? Well, Dan and I did. And we spent a lot of time enjoying our porch garden. From left to right below is

  • our basil, which actually isn't new but gets eaten every night;
  • brand new sedum, the only plant on our porch that isn't edible, but I gave in because I think it looks like little green roses;
  • the fig tree bursting with baby figs (Come one bees/wasps! I need you to pollinate these!); and
  • four pots of freshly painted seeds, which I forgot to label so I have no idea what they're going to be. 


I also painted our dog fence green. See? Fin likes it! 

In a lot of ways, I added green to our house over Memorial Day. I hope you enjoyed yours as much as we did. Let me know if you try any of this at home!