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Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!

Angelina OberdanComment

This weekend is my grandmother's birthday weekend, the weekend of Friday the 13th, Valentine's Day, and my birthday party. Dan's making my dinner tonight, and Marshall is coming in tomorrow! Hoo-RAY! 

Somehow, this afternoon, I got into this weird space where I should be wrapping up my preps for Monday, but instead I decided to blog all of the Valentine's Day graphics that I love this year. ENJOY! 

1. For all my single ladies (obviously like Beyounce sings it), click below to shop! 

We've got some HOT new pieces. 

2. For Dan, who is awesome, and going to eat at a table (let's be real; (ya'll know what I'm talking about) most of us without kids eat on the couch) with me tonight! 

3. And for everyone else, here are some sweet kitties snugglin' in a heart.