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10 Reasons I Love September

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What's September without a listacle? 


And not because the AC is set too low. Sweaters when they're actually needed for outdoor weather are so comfortable! And sweaters with pockets are even better! 

Yiasou Greek Fest.

Okay, I'm a week late on this; the festival was last weekend. But there's not other weekend in Charlotte, NC when that lamb gyros, fresh baklava, and delicious almond cookies are available within walking distance of my house. 

Indie Craft Parade.

Speaking of my favorite events! Indie Craft Parade is in Greenville, SC this weekend, and we've been going to it for the last four years. It's like Etsy IRL, but there's no wait for shipping. 

Festivals Every Weekend. 

Seriously. Not a weekend goes by in September that we don't go to another festival. And I love it that way; they're cheap, outdoors, and there's always something that I wouldn't eat otherwise. 

Walking the Dogs in the Evening.

And hiking with them. Pretty much being outside with them. Because the weather is perfect. 

Running in the Evening.

September is perfect for running in the evening because it hasn't started to get dark early yet, but it has started to cool off in the evenings. 

Fewer Mosquitoes.

In September, it's getting cold enough for the mosquitoes to die out, which is ideal because then I can sit on the porch in peace. 

Pumpkin Beer.

Screw the Starbucks Pumpkin Latte, pumpkin beer is the best. And don't roll your eyes, and think, "Ugh. White girl." It's true. 


I love squash. Most of my favorite recipes are made with squash, especially butternut squash, which isn't as good in the summer. 

All Fall Food.

Okay, fall is my favorite food season. I love the heartiness of fall foods. It's time for chili agian, and barley, and spicy soups that were too hot to eat in the summer. 

So, what do you love about September?