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Adventures in the Queen City: My Mom's First Visit

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At the very end of winter break, my mom came to visit, and despite the cold weather, we explored the city. 

We took some of our cues from Creative Loafing's "108 Things To Do in Charlotte Before You Die." However, we altered a few of the places so that Dan and I could show some my mom our favorite spots closer to our townhouse. We were also on a quest to find cheap furniture to fill the second spare bedroom, which my mom painted while she was in town. (Yeah, she's awesome. And my grandma told me that painting each others' houses is what the women in our family do.)

Bakersfield - We went back and forth between this and Maverick Rock Taco. Rock Taco is on "The List," but we can walk to Bakersfield. I highly recommend their guac. 

The Dowd YMCA - Okay, yeah, not glamorous, but we wanted to get some laps in, and our guide to Charlotte does recommend the Morrison Y, which is apparently completely different. 

Flying Biscuit & Park Road Shopping Center - OMG Flying Biscuit is the best. And everyone needs to see the Park Road Shopping Center Sign before the die. 

Triple C- Really, you can't visit Charlotte without going to a microbrewery. Triple C is one of Dan and my favorites. (And it was near Lowe's where we had to pick up paint. 

Mac's Speed Shop - Obviously she needed BBQ; this is the South. It's our go-to, and it's closer that Bar-B-Q King. 

Carolina Cooks - I've been wanting to go into Carolina Cooks forever, but I was intimated because I clearly don't own a restaurant. We made up a cover story, but no one asked. 

Berrybrook Farm Natural Food Pantry - This place is less than a block from my house, and I've never been. So we went and grabbed some healthy snacks. 

Healthy Home Market - We had to check the new location out, but it made us hungry so we went to Nova's Bakery. 

Nova's Bakery - We ate the BEST cheesecake brownies there. And it powered up through Plaza Midwood. 

TUFT - On our search for furniture, we had to consult my friend Danielle at her beautiful store, TUFT. 

The thrift stores in Plaza Midwood - It was fun to look at, but we didn't get anything there. 

BEAN - I drive past BEAN every day. We had to check it out. I prefer vegan food with more beans and less tofu, but everything we tried was great. 

Thai Taste - They have the best lunch special in Dilworth. I could eat there everyday, so I had to take my mom. 

Paper Skyscraper - We checked out all of the cute and quirky stuff! It's my favorite place to shop even when I don't have any money to spend.  

Value Village (two locations) - This was also on "The List," and we had to go to both locations to really cover our quest for furniture. 

Habitat ReStore on N. Wendover - Best ReStore I've ever been to, especially because there's coffee. 

Dolce - The BEST Italian restaurant and with in walking distance. Duh. It was a wonderful way to celebrate my mom's trip. 

Places on "The List" that we didn't get to: Carolina Cones, Common Market, ZiZi Awesome Vegan, 

Places NOT on "The List" that we'll go to next visit: Mama's Caribbean Grill, Cowfish, The Dog Bar, Revolution Pizza, (Okay: we didn't get over there at all.) all of NODA, Old Meck's Yoga on Tap, and Pinky's. 

Where do you take your guests to when they visit!? We'd love to try knew places.