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Two Months of Stitch Fix: I'm Addicted

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Confession time: I'm completely addicted to Stitch Fix. What's not to love about getting awesome clothes in the mail without doing any work? 

I also think that only seeing the clothes on myself makes a huge amount of difference. At home, I'm not bombarded with images of what the clothes are "supposed" to look like on pencil thin models. Instead, it looks good on me or it doesn't. 

I have two months to catch up on so you're in for a double fix. 

December Fix: Not My Favorite

Starting in the top left corner and going clockwise, I received: 1. a chevron striped cream and green scarf, 2. a jean jacket, 3. a turquoise silky top (nothing special so you can only see the bottom of it), 4. brown pants, and 5. navy dress. 

 1. Chevron Striped Cream and Green Scarf - Sent back. 

This is cute, but I'm not betting on chevron in 2015. Once a pattern appears on a Kleenex box, I think it's on its way out. 

2. Jean Jacket - Sent back.  

I've just never been into jean jackets. I have a jean blazer, but I never know what to where those jean jackets with. Also, I'm glad I held out for the best cardigan ever in my January Fix. 

3. Turquoise Silky Top - Sent back. 

There was really just nothing awesome about this. I figure Stitch Fix wants to give you 3 items that you love and two maybes so that it makes sense to keep all five. This was a maybe, and I didn't love it. 

4. Brown Pants - Kept! 

I specifically asked for these in my note. My foot is broken, and I'm still wearing a boot (although I took it off for the photo). I can't tell you how terrible it is to shop for pants when you're lop-sided. Thank you, Stitch Fix, for saving me that blow to my self-esteem. 

5. Navy Dress - Kept! 

Stitch Fix has my dress love figured out. Officially. This is another great fit, and it's perfect for winter and summer. 

All things considered, my December Fix was fine, but not as amazing as my January Fix. 

January Fix: I Kept It All 

From left to right (oh and I actually saved the information so these names are official): 1. Lawley Cable Knit Open Cardigan, 2. Colibri Plaid Printed Tab Sleeve Shirt, 3. Kurt Diamond Print Dress, and 4. Bernette Mixed Knit Sweater. Not pictured: 5. Northridge Cowl Neck Jersey Top. 

1. Lawley Cable Knit Open Cardigan - Kept!

This is the best cardigan ever. Seriously. Do you see those pockets? I could fight a flying squirrel in them! My only concern about this sweater was that the arms were a little tight; now that I've worn it a million times, they fit perfectly. 

2. Colibri Plaid Printed Tab Sleeve Shirt - Kept! 

I love plaid, and I've seen this shirt all over Pinterest, too. It rocks! It rocks because the cut is perfect. Score. 

3. Kurt Diamond Print Dress - Kept! 

Stitch Fix knows how to pick out dresses for me. And perfect timing on this one, I wore it for my first day of classes with the Cable Cardigan. 

4. Bernette Mixed Knit Sweater - Kept! 

So fuzzy! You can't see it in this picture, but the textures on this sweater are a-mazing, and it has matte and shiny yarn so it looks a little fancy. I'm actually wearing it right now with a maxi skirt and TOMS

5. Not pictured: Northridge Cowl Neck Jersey Top. - Kept! 

The reason this isn't pictured is because it's so awesome I keep wearing it. I love jersey tops, and because this one has a cowl neck, it's a little dresser. I can get away with wearing it to teach, but it's so comfy that I can lounge around the house in it, too. 

For next month, I requested an extra budget-friendly Fix. (Did I mention the austerity measures we're under at my house?) Can't wait to see it!