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As the Garden Grows

GardeningAngelina OberdanComment

So the garden is growing, which is the opposite of what I expected! I've even made some additions to it! 


The basil is doing very well, and we've been eating it in our salads. In fact, our neighbor gave us another variety, too, and as you can see below, it's just getting started. 

The original basil responds to our plucking of his leaves by growing even more; it might be time for pesto soon! 


Brussel Sprouts, Collards, and Broccoli 

Okay so Dan pointed out that I didn't correctly space out my broccoli, brussel sprouts, or collards. Well, damn. So I split up my plants, choosing a few groups of each (carefully separating the roots) and planting a few groups in the pots. Honestly, I still didn't plant single seedlings, even though I probably should have, because I'm pretty sure I'm not good enough at gardening to keep two single seedlings alive. 


I also planted tomatoes (even though it's too late and they'll probably die). They were on sale at the farmer's market. 


And I planted pumpkins! There's really nothing to tell about these guys yet.  

My Pitcher Plant Named Freud

My pitcher plant was looking pretty bad when I moved to Charlotte. However, it's been outside since the end of May, and it has at least four new, albeit little, pitchers! 

And I added a fig tree! 

Fig Tree.jpg

I'll let you know how the garden's doing in another few weeks. Maybe I'll have pumpkin updates then!