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Oh Hey, Friday, August 15th!

Angelina OberdanComment

It's Friday again! Woo hoo! And man, has it been a long week. 

1. My family has been so supportive of my new job at CPCC! 

My mom sent me cookies to share with my new colleagues (and they loved them), my dad sent me a gift box with Scrabble magnets to decorate my office, my aunt sent me Chipotle gift certificates (which we will definitely use), and my gramma sent me a gift, too! You know you've made a good choice when your family's excited, too!

2. The dogs started doggie day care! In fact, Layla reviewed K-9 Playland. And she's been really sleepy ever since. 

Fin has been less sleepy (which is why I don't have a picture of him sleeping this week.) 

3. Some of my creative writing students have started my class two weeks early. It's going to be an amazing Intro. to Creative Writing class! 

4. I'm really excited about my third shipment of wines from Club W. If you're interested in trying it out, here's a code: https://www.clubw.com/aoberdan. 

5. My best friend is coming in town this weekend to visit! 

That means I should get back to preparing my syllabi and schedule for Monday. 

Happy Friday!