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Oh hey, Friday, August 8th!

Oh Hey FridayAngelina Oberdan3 Comments

Five Things Friday for this week: 

1. My poem, "It Only Happened Once," is published in Siren!  Warning: it's a prose poem, and one that I wouldn't share with my parents so if you're judge-y or you believe that the speaker is the same as the author, don't read it. 

2. Last week I said goodbye to Clemson University and my office: 511 Strode.

This week I moved into my new office at Central Piedmont Community College: 2436 Levine Campus.  And the view from my office is beautiful!

3. I updated my reading list. Check it out here:

4. Honestly, Layla has been really bored with moving, and she just posted about it last night. If you like bored dog pictures, you'll love this. (And yes, I did take her and Finley mountain biking like she requested.)

5. And this weekend... I can't wait to rest (that first week of work was rough), start half-marathon training, and get back on my road bike!