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Oh Hey, Friday

Oh Hey FridayAngelina Oberdan3 Comments


I mountain biked at Paris Mountain with my friend, Jon, on Wednesday night, and it was really hot. I have to admit that I hadn't worked out since the previous Tuesday because of all the moving and everything else; it's been over a year since I took that many days in a row off.

Anyway, I'm really good about staying hydrated, but my muscles kept cramping. I hydrated like crazy, but was still feeling it when I ran yesterday. I swim tomorrow so today's plan is to eat a lot of potassium. Bananas and humus, I'm going to eat you! 


Don't assume the moving is over for one minute. Our roommated haven't moved out yet so everything from my POD is... 


yeah... in the living and dining room. 


I'm so guilty. I ordered a super fancy toaster oven; I was inspired by this Apartment Therapy article: "Upgrade-Worthy: 5 Cheap Household Items Worth Replacing While You Can." Anyway, I probably should have waited until I was more settled to order it, but I can't wait to try it! I even (loser smirk) started a Pinterest board: 

And yes, I'd also like to upgrade our trashcan, but I'm going to hold off. 


I love this goofy picture of Layla's face! 


Did you read her review of Eastover Park? Dog's got some writing skillz


We have no plans this weekend! Which is amazing because we always have plans! I can't wait to lounge around in comfy shorts tonight and watch movies with Dan! 

So, oh hey, Friday! And happy weekend! 

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