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My Tulips Bloomed!

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Look at the beautiful tulip that grew on my windowsill! 

Update: April 11, 2014

My friend, Marissa, messaged me on Facebook, and she's totally right: What the Heck Do You Do After the Tulips Bloom?  

1. You may cut the blooms off, but not the foliage. 

2. Let the foliage run its course. You want the leaves to grow for as long as they will so they store enough energy in the bulb as they can.  

3. While the leaves are running their course, do not let the bulbs sit in too much water. A few of mine got moldy, and I think that's why. Also, you may need to change your water out if it gets stinky. Changing it out has not seemed to affect my bulbs.  

4. When the foliage starts to turn brown and then dry out, let the bulb dry out, too. While this is happening, you can tie up the foliage by folding all but one leaf in half and then wrapping the remaining leaf around the others (my mom taught me that). I don't think they need water; try wrapping only the roots in a moist paper towel. They should still be getting some sunlight. 

5. When the leaves are completely dead, store the bulbs in your freezer until next year. 

Things I didn't try: miracle grow or other water fertilizer. I don't know enough about chemistry and biology. I think I'm going to figure out how pH levels in soil or water and nutrients later this summer when I try to help my pitcher plant.... 

Also, A Basil (Now Rosemary, Too) Update

My basil is still growing, but my friend's basil died. The only thing I did differently is that I changed the water out when it got funky and the leaves started looking a little brown. It's been a week since, and all is growing again. I should mention that my tap water is very mineral-rich. In fact there's so much iron-oxide in my water comes out orange; maybe that's good for the herbs. 

Most of this I learned gardening with my mom as a kid and watching what my bulbs/herbs were doing. I did some additional research on Gardenguides.com and Tulipcaretips.com

 I want to know what's happening the your tulips, basil, other things randomly growing in vases. Let me know if you have any questions or comments.