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The Tulip Experiment or Hydroponics at Home

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I love tulips in the Spring, but since I rent, planting the bulbs and then digging them up when I move has never seemed worth it. And then I saw one of my colleague had a vase filled with rocks and a little bit of water growing amaryllis in her office in December! I looked up the idea on Pinterest, and found something very similar. 


  • Jars and vases scavenged from around my house
  • Decorative rocks ordered from Amazon Prime (Who knows where to buy rocks!?)
  • Tulip bulbs on Etsy (I felt more comfortable buying them from a person who like tulips rather than by the box in a aisle at Lowes. 

Original Setup:

I placed approximately 3 inches of rocks and 1-2 tulip bulbs in each vase or jar. 

Starting to Sprout:

The below is from about two weeks into my tulip experiment

Tulips 1.jpg

Getting a Little Crowded:

As you can see below, the jar that I planted 2 bulbs in (which sprouted 3) is starting to look crowded. I also am still not sure the best height for the tulip vases. 

Tulips 2.jpg

Growing Higher:

Below are pictures from this week. They’re shooting up! 

Tulips 3.jpg

Wait, Basil?

I was so successful with the tulips (they may actually bloom, that when I noticed my basil was dying (as it always does of root rot in a traditional pot), I decided I pick the healthiest parts and see if I could get them to root in regular water. And they did! I even upgraded them to a vase with rocks. 



I'll let you know when the tulips bloom!