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10 Ways to Cope With Another Month in a Orthopedic Boot

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I was going to post something motivating about ways you can improve your house quickly while on your holiday break, but then I got bummed out because my foot is still busted. So much for counting down the days until I was boot-free in my earlier blog post! I still have to lug this thing around for another 30 days. 

Here are 10 ways to cope with being in an orthopedic boot for another month: 

1. Eat chocolate. I recommend one pound of Reese's Peanut Buttercups. 


2. Buy more cute socks. While you're at it, buy some comfy pants and lounge shirts. 

My body doesn't feel like my own since I haven't been working out. I get to start working out again (low impact only), but I'm resigned to not feel like myself for a little bit longer. 

3. Do some serious core work (in your boot).

My doctor suggested that I do this so my mental health and because my body has stopped feeling like my own. Time to get a gym membership I guess. 

4. Be a bum on the couch, PREFERABLY with a dog or cat.  

5. Fold laundry.

You're sitting on the couch anyway.

6. Swim with a pull buoy.

I haven't bemoaned pull buoys lately, but let me say that I hate them. All of my strength is in my legs and back. I have shrimpy arms for a swimmer. However, kicking (at all) puts stress on your metatarsals. So no kicking. At all. This is the compromise that we came up with so that I can get back in the pool. 

7. Get on a bike trainer.

I also have a high dislike for working out inside, especially bike. I bike because I still have as much fun cruising around outside or through the words as I did when I was in 4th grade and rode my bike around my neighborhood. Why would I do it inside when I can do it outside? Well, I can't do it outside. Ugh. At least this will get me going on my off-season training. 

8. Make delicious banana muffins with gingerbread-people-sprinkles on top for the holidays. 

9. Idolize the boots that you want to be wearing. And settle for ordering some flat soled ones that will do when you can wear two shoes. 

10. Pout for a few hours. Whoever said pouting isn't healthy is wrong; just don't do it for too long. 

And of course, be as thankful as this pup that you have legs!