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Home (Or Not) for the Holidays

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Home for me is St. Louis, Missouri.

It's where I spent the first 17 years of my life; it's where my grandparents live; it's where my cousins are raising their children. However, since my parents don't live there anymore, it makes it a little strange to go home. I still try to get back every couple of years. 

Dan and I went back for Thanksgiving, but we'll be spending Christmas and New Years in Charlotte. 

While in St. Louis, we got to see my family, to meet a lot of new additions, eat toasted ravioli, drink beer, go to the Zoo, and stuff ourselves with IMOs pizza. 

As much as I miss my family's Christmas traditions, Dan and I have created some of our own.

  • We bake enough cookies to feed an army;  

  • We fill our Christmas tree ornaments with candy and dog treats; 

  • We eat panettone and breakfast burritos for breakfast; 

  • We sing all the songs from White Christmas and gush about how much we love Danny Kaye; 

  • We watch Christmas Carol with his mom and debate which version is the best; and

  • We let the dogs rip open most of the presents. 

So instead of "going home" for Christmas, I'm "staying home." And I'm looking forward to doing lots of projects during my two week break so check back for updates!