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Cyber Monday

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To celebrate Cyber Monday 2014, here are a few websites that you should check out! 

For Your Man, order a hand-stitched needlepoint belt from Calhoun Row

Similar to Smathers & Branson or other needlepoint belts you might have seen around the tailgate, these are by far the best deal (and best kept secret until you buy one and all of your friends copy your man's style). 


For Your Family Health Nut (in my case, my mom), order some Greens from MaintainYourWellness.com

Featuring It Works! products, these Greens are my latest pantry staple. I don't know about you, but I have to try to get all my veggies (and I like them). These make sure that you get all of your greens, and the health junky in your family will love them. Also, I have an It Works! body wrap on right now to help my belly recover from Thanksgiving; review coming later this week! 


For Your Best Friend, buy her some 3D Fiber Mascara from Natalie Bodie

Get on this bandwagon, Ladies. This mascara is amazing. I'd tell you more, but I'm going to review it next week. In the meantime, grab one for your best friend. 

 On Sale While Supplies Last!!

On Sale While Supplies Last!!

For Yourself, add some more sparkle to your holiday by ordering from Chloe + Isabel

(Or tell me what's on your wishlist, and I'll make sure your Santa finds out.)

Also my favorite necklace is on sale today only! 


And don't bother wrapping... Kate Packard Designs has you covered. 

What deals are you clicking into today? Happy Cyber Monday!