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It Works! Review

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1. Defining Gel ($45/$77) | 2. Greens: Berry Powder ($33/$55) | 3. Advanced Formula Fat Fighter ($23/$39) | 4. Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps ($59/$99)

I tried It Works! on a whim. My foot is broken, and I can't work out, so I figured that it would be a good time to try to something like this. I'm not in for diet pills or quick fixes; I'm of the philosophy that I work hard so I can enjoy myself. With a broken foot, that's a lot harder to do. 

When I told Dan that I got "wrapped," he said, "You know that doesn't work, right?" Well, it does. But I'm not posting before and after pictures of my belly. No. Way. (My belly says, "See ya next summer at the pool!")

I met Lisa, my It Works! consultant, at Panera, and we talked about everything from It Works! to direct sales to blogging while I got wrapped for the first time. 

I signed up to be a loyal customer (meaning that I made a three month commitment). For my first month, I got an order of Greens: Berry Power ($33/$55) and The Skinny Pack ($122/$189), which includes one pack of Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps, Defining Gel, and Advanced Formula Fat Fighter. As a loyal customer, you don't have to order the same thing every month. For December, I'll just get another order of Greens and maybe another bottle of the Fat Fighter. (Oi! Holiday parties!)

Here's what I think about the products I tried: 

1. Defining Gel ($45/$77) 

This is a gel, not a lotion. And a quarter sized dollop goes a long way. I really like the way it feels, but I haven't seen a huge change. Remember that I haven't been able to swim or run or bike for over a month now so I'm sure my muscles are changing; if you keep that in mind, it's doing a really remarkable job. 

2. Greens: Berry Powder ($33/$55)

This is my favorite product. I can't rave about it enough. These make me feel good. I was trying really hard to make sure I got all of my veggie servings, and this way I know I get my veggies and vitamins. This is supposed to balance detoxify, alkalize, and promote pH balance. And that's the way I feel: balanced. 

3. Advanced Formula Fat Fighter ($23/$39)

I was totally skeptical and didn't think I would like/use this product. Well, we went to St. Louis for Thanksgiving, and I used it after every meal. It's supposed to help your body process fat, and I think it does. I certainly felt like I processed fat better during the holidays; I also felt consistently less bloated. Obviously, it can only do so much; I did eat two orders of toasted ravioli at Sybergs. 

4. Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps ($59/$99)

These make me feel luxurious. I love the way it feels when I'm "wrapped." There's a good bit of mint in the wraps so they feel a little like Icy Hot (but less hot, more icy). I have only used the wraps on my belly, and my belly button looks more open. I'm going to try them on my butt soon! 

So here's what I recommend:

  • If you're looking for a new, better multivitamin, try Greens. They're a-mazing. 

  • If you'd like to maintain your wellness and tighten up a little bit, try the Skinny Pack.

  • Also, there are great holiday gift packs, too. (Don't forget: this might be the perfect holiday treat for yourself!)