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Fall Fete - Online Chloe and Isabel Shop!

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Wait... what? What's an online pop-up shop? 

Instead of having a real boutique, a pop-up shop is a temporary boutique. Traditionally, these happen at vendor events or people's homes (think Tupperware parties).

Since I wanted to include my friends, blog readers, and people interested in hosting a fundraiser with me, I decided to hold a public online pop-up shop.

So do I have to go somewhere?

Nope. And you can wear your sweatpants. 

I'll be posting in the Facebook event from 7-10 pm tonight, Tuesday, October 21. The pop-up shop will stay open (as will the raffles, etc.) for one week. 

Why Chloe and Isabel? 

Chloe and Isabel, the two names, represent two distinctive personalities: "'Chloe' is a fearless fashionista, always in search of the season's hottest trends, while 'Isabel' appreciates, above all, timeless, beautifully-crafted pieces." So whether you want something trendy or timeless, Chloe and Isabel has both. 

Also, all C + I jewelry has a lifetime guarantee. I have bought, broken, and thrown away so many pieces of jewelry that this means a lot to me. And I'd rather spend a little bit more (and really, just a little bit) to know that if a jewel falls out, I can have it replaced. 

Why should I go to O Angelina's Fall Fete instead of just buying from the website? 

During the Fall Fete, every time you spend twenty dollars, you get entered in a raffle to win free jewelry. I do drawing every time sales reach $200, and the more everyone spends, the better the free jewelry.

Also, every time you spend $100, you earn free shipping and a free gift (under $25) from me!

Why support your small business? 

I decided to be a merchandiser for C + I because I love their jewelry, because making things beautiful is my favorite hobby, and because I want to pay off all of my revolving debit before I start a family. 

Yes, I want a sneak peak! 

How do I order? Give me the links! 

  • You can order directly from the C + I website

  • You can join the Facebook event

  • You can message or email me at angelinaoberdan@gmail.com. 

I am sincerely excited to introduce you to jewelry that I love. See you at 7 pm EST (Tuesday, Oct. 21).