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Who Doesn't Need a Personal Shopper? October Stitch Fix Review

Chloe and Isabel, StyleAngelina OberdanComment

I tried stitch fix for the first time this month, and I loved it! 

I decided to try Stitch Fix because I used to love shopping, and I've started to hate it. When I'm in a store, I forget my budget, get overwhelmed and either purchase everything I touch or nothing at all. With Stitch Fix, I can budget, and I don't have to run another errand. 

What I Sent Back: 

Theron Sheer Back Collared Blouse 

I sent this back because I have a sleeveless shirt in a similar blue. The sheer back just wasn't unique enough to justify keeping it.

Iris Striped A-Line Skirt

I love the style of this skirt! It was a little too small or it sat a little too high up on my waist: either way, it wasn't a good fit. 

And a Teal Necklace

When I signed up for Stitch Fix, I didn't know I was going to start as a Merchie for c+i. I made sure to tell them in my next fix not to include any jewelry. 

What I Kept: 

Toma Floral Print Short-Sleeve Blouse

I love this blouse! The pattern is fun, and I can easily wear it with jeans or slacks. Pictured below, I'm going to wear it tomorrow with this c+i long organic gold link chain. 

Magdelena 3/4 Sleeve Elastic Waist Print Dress

This dress is also a keeper! Dan immediately said that he liked the print, and I was impressed with how comfortable it is. I actually wore it to work yesterday with brown Steve Madden boots and this c+i multi-strand chain bib necklace. 

So my first Fix was a success! If you want to try it, use this referral link: Stitch Fix!