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Or Running and the Holidays

Winter is coming. No, I'm not talking about Game of Thrones; I'm talking about the actual weather. Not only does winter coming mean that you should pull your plants inside (I might have killed most of mine again), but it also means that a triathlete's training changes. 

But really, triathlete or not, if you're in the US, winter means the holidays are coming. That means you need to do two things: find a way to deal with your family (or whatever holiday stress you may have) and find a way to exercise so that you don't go bonkers from dealing with your family. 

And let's be real, running is the most convenient of the swim-bike-run because all you need are some decent work out clothes, running shoes, and a smart phone (grab a light and hot pepper spray if you're not sure where or how far you're going).

So I've been focusing on my stride: literally and idiomatically. For the past fifteen years or so, I've hated running; I've refused to be a good runner since I joined the cross-country team in high school (Who decided girls should wear those horrible shorts to run in when they're trying to go through puberty?). And now I'm trying to learn how to be a runner and to run faster. I keep being told, "Get a running coach to help you focus on your stride." Okay, okay, I heard you. 

Hang on, broke followers; I can't afford a running coach before the holiday season either. However, there are some resources out there to help. 

I like the video below because these are exercises that were first demonstrated to me by multiple intelligent runners before I found the video. The video is great because it slows down, repeats and narrates three moves that will help you improve your stride. I use it to re-look at and practice what I'm doing (sometimes across the kitchen floor, which makes my dogs think that I am crazy). 

Hopefully, these drills will help you, too. If you're not sure if you're doing them correctly, have a fellow runner watch you. 

Thanksgiving's coming soon; focus on your stride.