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"I want to be your dog's tail"

Angelina OberdanComment

In Catherine Bowman's "I Want to Be Your Shoebox," she riffs on the relationships she want to have with the speaker, including my favorites: "I want to be your biscuits" and "I want to be your dog's tail."    

So that's what this blog is about; it's a riff on everything I am. Maybe it's a catch-all that includes pet-lover topics, cooking experiments, frugal tips, and anything else that comes to mind.

I also hope that it has something to do with social responsibility or just plain-ole-being-a-good-person. When I was in Turkey last summer, I saw written on elementary school stairs, "Be Tolerant and Be Grateful." This blog is about being a good human--one who is tolerant and compassionate, finds joy in all things, acts gratefully, happy as a dog's tail.