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That Time I Got Really Sick

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On June 25th, I got really sick. I had to go to the doggie hospital and spend the night.

The bad news is that it could been really bad. The good news is that it wasn't.

Here's what happened:

My mom, Finley, our friend, Jon, and I all went mountain biking. I was really excited on the way there!

And the temp. kept dropping even as we drove out to the trails, so it was hot, but it was quickly cooling off. When we got to the trails, I drank a lot of water, and I visited with some other mountain bikers. Fin and my packs were packed with waters and Licks, and we were really excited (like really excited) and ready to go. 

The best part about the trail we went on was that there are a lot of places to stop and cool off. And it wasn't the longest or hottest ride we've ever done, but I started to feel really tired. My mom noticed, so she gave me more water (we drank a lot of water), and she carried my backpack for me. I just keep running though because I like running. 

Mom says that she noticed when we were getting closer to the car that my pee wasn't yellow. I'm not sure how she noticed. She must have fallen off of her bike and been trying to get up when she saw me pee. Just saying.

I slept in the car on the way home, and when we got home, my mom followed me around with a flashlight because my pee was not yellow at all. I took a bath, ate dinner, and went to bed. And I didn't feel awesome, but I snuggled up with my dad.

Then, my mom woke me up, made me go outside, and took me to the emergency vet. That was the scariest part, but I got a lot of tummy rubs. They stuck me with a lot of needles, and made me spend the night. 

Fin said that he was really lonely when I was at the hospital and that he didn't know what to do with himself. I guess he's kind of a sweet brother. 

What Happened In Medical Terms (By MY Mom): 

It turns out that Layla had myoglobinuria, or in other words, her muscles started breaking down from too much strain (called rhabdomyosis), and her kidneys couldn't process the myoglobin. You can read about it on The Daily Puppy here

This happens a lot with cross-fitters; here's the human equivalent: "CrossFit's Dirty Little Secret."

Why it happened:

I don't really know. The simple answer is that I was under too much strain/stress. Maybe it was too hot, or too long, or I was a little out of shape. However, I've run that trail with the past year, and I didn't have any problems with it. 

I have to be good and not go on so many adventures, especially when it's hot. That's going to be really hard though. And apparently my mom has been hiding her bike from me. 

All I know for sure is that if my mom didn't get me out of bed and take me to the emergency vet, I probably wouldn't have been okay. 

What you need to watch out for:

Here are the symptom, according to Vetstream.com

  • Extreme distress with generalized muscle pain
  • Swollen and tense muscles causing discomfort if touched
  • Muscles initially hot to the touch 
  • Discomfort, particularly along the back and over the hindquarters
  • Occasionally dragging of rear legs and scuffing nails along the ground when being walked
  • Difficulty standing up and lying down
  • Red discoloration of urine

How I'm feeling Now: 

This week, all of my blood tests came back, and I am okay: no long term damage! Oh, and I got my spunk back, but I'm still manipulating my parents into feeding me really delicious food.  

Here's the deal; don't avoid doing fun things with your doggies, just be careful. If you do anything really extreme with your dog, watch your pup like a hawk afterwards. If anything seems off, take him/her to the vet immediately.