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Thankful Thursday! With our Australian Friends!

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Even though we sort of missed Thankful Thursday two weeks ago (Mom had to teach me about time zones), I'm super excited to link up with PepiSmartDog this week! 


That's right! We're thankful to link up with PepiSmartDog; check out our fur-friends' blogs here! 


I don't have a job. My mom and dad have been really busy with their jobs this week, and I'm just happy I don't have a job. 


There are still foxes in the backyard! If you missed the post about the foxes from last week, you can read it here


I'm taller than Fin. Yep. Six + toilet paper rolls! He might be catching up to me in speed, but I'm still taller. 


We went mountain biking last night, and my paws are really sore, so my momma is treating me to a paw-spa day. 

So what are you thankful for this week? Make sure to check out our friends blogs, too! 

Thankful Thursday!

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This week, I decided to team up with PepiSmartDog to post about what I'm thankful for (fur). 

While my week hasn't been as eventful as Pepi's I've got a lot to be thankful for, too! 


I'm always thankful I have a house to live in. Did you know that some dogs aren't allowed inside? Or on the couch?! I'm thankful that I don't have to be outside and that I don't even share my chair. 


While I really like camping and sleeping outside (not), I'm thankful my mom ordered us camping beds so that next time I'll be more comfy. 


I'm thankful for squirrels. The ones in our backyard are dumb, and I love to chase them. 


I'm thankful that the people at doggie daycare will brush us because they're a lot better at it than my mom. 

Five (What Fin's Thankful For)

Fin is thankful that the TV tray that tried to slide/fall on him did not cause any permanent physical damage. 

What are you thankful fur? Make sure to check out my paw-bloggers by clicking on the link picture!