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The Great Lake Escapes

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Even when our humans are busy, they still escape with us to the lake! 

I'm not going to lie to you. Since we haven't been hiking or swimming in awhile (freakin' winter), we were a little uncoordinated at first.

Fortunately, our mom is patient. She didn't kill us, and she let us swim! 

Fin and I love swimming because when we lived in Clemson, we got to run on Lake Hartwell's dyke all the time. On the other hand, Bogart is brand, stinkin' new to swimming. He did okay, but like always, he just wanted to play fetch. [Eye roll.] 

He learned pretty quickly that logs can be really slippery. Mom had to help him out of the lake once. She said next time he's wearing a life jacket (if she can find it.)

Really, we like wading in the muddy parts just as much as we like swimming. And even though the lake we go to now is little-bity compared to Lake Hartwell, there are lots of herons to watch. 

So we've tried out best to keep it together and actually listen so that they'll keep taking us on Friday afternoons. 

See? Ma? How cute are we? 

Layla Reviews Charlotte: Triple C Brewing Co.

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Sniffie with my mom! 

Sniffie with my mom! 

A few weekends ago, we went to Triple C Brewing Co., and it's one of my favorite breweries in Charlotte. 

I like it because we get to sit outside, and because we're good enough to be on our short leashes. 

We not allowed to sit on the tables, but we are allow to sit on the benches, which is okay. 

My mom and dad have a lot of fun while we're there. 


Finley likes it, too (even though he has stinky breath). 

Okay, so this is a short review, but I have some porch-sittin' to do. What should my next brewery be? 

Lenny Boy Brewery Review

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On of our new favorite places in Charlotte is Lenny Boy Brewing Co. Not only do they serve beer and kombucha, but they are also really dog friendly! 

On the way to Lenny Boy for the first time, Fin was like, "Where are we goin'?" 

On the way to Lenny Boy for the first time, Fin was like, "Where are we goin'?" 


The bar is easily accessible. And if you're a good and polite dog, you don't have to stay on your leash the whole time. 


Lenny Boy is not outside, so you don't get wet, and the floor are a lot comfier than gravel. We get a lot of pets there, but also a lot of snoozes. 


We make faces like these so that we can get more pets! 

So basically, we love Lenny Boy! 

On the way home, I'm like, "Yey! Lenny Boy Brewing rocks!" 

On the way home, I'm like, "Yey! Lenny Boy Brewing rocks!" 

Back From Vacay!

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Really, all my life is a vacation, but this is what I've been doing for the past two weeks.