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Whatcha Eatin'?

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My hoomans are always on weird diets, and I don't really understand, but my mum says that nutrition is important, even for pups. 

In my opinion, we should just be allowed to eat pancakes all the time. What's so wrong with that? 

So, anyway, our friends at Reviews.com asked us to share their research about what to look for in dog food. My mum says that there are lot of recalls of dog food and that she would be really sad if she fed us bad dog food on accident. 

For us, two-thirds of our food is Taste of the Wild, and--since we're spoiled--the other third is homemade. (The recipe is, for now, top-secret.) Anyway, it doesn't really matter too much to me which brand other pups prefer, but there are some ingredients hoomans should look at.

Click the image to read the full report! 

Click the image to read the full report! 

Stay safe and happy chowin'! 

Did you see we got interviewed!?

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Check it out: my mom and I got interviewed! 

Here's just one quick highlight: 

Why did you decide to start a blog?What do you enjoy about blogging?

I started our blogs because I wanted to write about everything I love, a little less formally than I would elsewhere. I guess I enjoy sharing. I also enjoy looking back at what I’ve done and realizing it’s fun enough to write about.

On the other hand, Layla needs a voice because no one at home listens to her, despite how vocal she is. She really has opinions on everything, growling when we come home from work to when the puppy gets too close to her toes. That’s why she started blogging. And she enjoys it because she can use the blog as an excuse to do fun things like going to a local lake on Fridays or even visiting local breweries.

It's Been Way Too Long: Welcome Bogart!

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It's been way too long since I posted anything (November, oi!), but that's because my mom has been really busy, and I don't have thumbs. 

The big news is that we got a third dog. Meet Bogart! 

I have to admit that I haven't been the best dog since we got him. At first I didn't like him very much, and then I realized that my parents weren't paying much attention to me because he was so bad. So I went frolicking with the deer and (!) starting stealing food from the counter again. 

I only steal from the counter when it's worth it. Like one time I ate a bacon/chocolate-chip cookie. (Don't worry; there wasn't enough chocolate in it to hurt me.) One time I ate fresh blueberry muffins. Since we got Bogart, I've stolen a loaf of bread and homemade gnocchi! My tummy hurt a little afterwards, but I have no regrets. 

Since I was so bad, I've been getting extra attention! Like Chantal came over to meet the puppy, and she ended up snuggling with me. And I get to play fetch and go on more walks then before. (Our people were getting lazy.) Obviously I'm still queen of the bed. 

And Bogart really bugs Fin a lot more than he bugs me. 

And I guess Bogart is doing okay. He's not so bad. 

So now we're a one-cat/three-dog pack. That just means more fun! 

Layla Zen: A Dog's Thoughts on Grass

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As a dog, there are many things I reflect on. One of them is grass. 

Some grasses, in fact, are better than others. 

Grass that is good to roll in gives good scratches. 

It's best to roll in the grass in the evenings in the summer when it's humid and the grass is cool.

The grass in our backyard is not very thick or good to roll in. 

People who put those "Curb Your Dog" signs in their yards just make the grass more tempting to pee on. 

Some grasses are yummy to chew. 

Chewing grass is okay, but swallowing it is never a good idea, even if there are good buggies involved. 

Fin likes to try to taste all of the different grasses on our walks. He isn't very smart. 

Wet grass is the very worst. 

As a dog, I do have plenty of time to ponder grass, after all.