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Whatcha Eatin'?

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My hoomans are always on weird diets, and I don't really understand, but my mum says that nutrition is important, even for pups. 

In my opinion, we should just be allowed to eat pancakes all the time. What's so wrong with that? 

So, anyway, our friends at Reviews.com asked us to share their research about what to look for in dog food. My mum says that there are lot of recalls of dog food and that she would be really sad if she fed us bad dog food on accident. 

For us, two-thirds of our food is Taste of the Wild, and--since we're spoiled--the other third is homemade. (The recipe is, for now, top-secret.) Anyway, it doesn't really matter too much to me which brand other pups prefer, but there are some ingredients hoomans should look at.

Click the image to read the full report! 

Click the image to read the full report! 

Stay safe and happy chowin'!