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Off Leash - We Try to Be Responsible

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So. My mom was inspired by Wes Siler's incredibly rational argument about why we dogs should be off leash, and she decided to help me write this post. 

Okay, so she took me on a walk, took too many pictures of my butt, and then helped me type this. 

Siler has thumbs, so he makes a real argument. I don't, so I'm just going to show you how we try to be responsible. 

My mom makes us wear all the collars! 

We have to wear our regular collars with our tags, remote shock collars from Dogtra, and a Ruffwear short leashes (so that she can grab us if she needs to, not that she does). And we have to wear bandanas if it's hot or we're somewhere we need to be extra visible. 

We have to sit and wait a lot!

Like, we have to sit and wait when anyone is passing on our side of the road or path. And we have to stay on one side of the path to avoid cyclists coming from the other direction. 

We're only allowed to walk ahead if it's a trail or path we walk on a lot. 

We have to check back in a lot. 

But when we do, we get treats! 

And we know the command "Go home!" 

You should know that we're not perfect. Fin sometimes wanders to the wrong side of the path, and I can't always get my tail off the trail in time. We try pretty hard though.