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Layla Zen: A Dog's Thoughts on Grass

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As a dog, there are many things I reflect on. One of them is grass. 

Some grasses, in fact, are better than others. 

Grass that is good to roll in gives good scratches. 

It's best to roll in the grass in the evenings in the summer when it's humid and the grass is cool.

The grass in our backyard is not very thick or good to roll in. 

People who put those "Curb Your Dog" signs in their yards just make the grass more tempting to pee on. 

Some grasses are yummy to chew. 

Chewing grass is okay, but swallowing it is never a good idea, even if there are good buggies involved. 

Fin likes to try to taste all of the different grasses on our walks. He isn't very smart. 

Wet grass is the very worst. 

As a dog, I do have plenty of time to ponder grass, after all.