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DIY Dog Sweater Fail

DIY, DIY for Doggies, Doggies, Hate It, Laylatude, PetsAngelina Oberdan1 Comment

So my mom thought it would be really easy to re-purpose some old sweaters into dog sweaters for me and Finley. It did NOT work. 

Obviously, she made us some pretty sweet hoodies, so I guess she thought this would be easy, too. 


My mom watched/read some online tutorials that made it seem pretty easy, like this one


She put the sweaters on us and started measuring/pinning. 


Then instead of dragging out the sewing machine, she made some cuts and started crocheting everything together. 


Then she put this one me! It clearly looks like a dress and not a sweater. 

And then she gave up. 

Seriously, Mom? This was never a good idea.