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What We're Thankful Fur!

Doggies, Love It, PetsLayla Comment

The truth is that Trouble, Finley and I have pretty sweet lives. And we're thankful FUR a lot: 

  1. For treats!
  2. For getting our own favorite food each. My mom always complains about buying three types of food.
  3. For all of our toys. Trouble is also thankful for the bottle caps and balled up Post-It notes that get left on the coffee table. 
  4. For being allowed on the furniture, especially in the bed, and for snuggles on cold nights. 
  5. For vacuuming up our fur. 
  6. For kisses. Even when we're stinky. And maybe even for baths. 
  7. For getting to go on adventures. Trouble is thankful FUR going on adventures to the first floor of our house. 
  8. For not being wild.
  9. For talking to us like we're people.  
  10. For each other. Really. We kind of like each other, even though we don't act like it.

What are you thankful FUR? Happy Thanksgiving!