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Happy Kitten Season!

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My mom and I used to rescue kittens, and spring is kitten season! 

Here's the quick back story: One dreary October day, my mom was working a lunch at Clemson's the Esso Club, and a cat gave birth in the attic of the restaurant. The people had to get the cat and kittens out of the attic (obviously), and unfortunately, the mom-cat ran away, ditching the first three kittens of her litter. With the help of her people-friends, my mom bottle fed and saved two of the three kittens. She kept one, Trouble, and the other one, Meatball, is living happily in Greenville, SC with her family. 

When my mom moved to Lake Charles, LA for graduate school, she decided to volunteer for the local cat shelter: Hobo Hotels. She cleaned the cages at Petsmart, and when I came along, she discovered that her schedule was really flexible. Because my mom lived within a five minutes walk from campus and her job, she could come home between classes and let me out. She also kept really weird hours and didn't sleep much. She decided to help Hobo Hotels bottle feed baby kittens during kitten season, and despite her concerns, she let me help. 

She kept me away from the first litter until they were about 6 weeks old. Even though I was really gentle, I wasn't quite sure what I was doing, as you can see below. 


My mom had to show me where the scruffs of their necks were so I didn't pick them up by their heads. Once I got the hang of it, I was pretty good at cleaning them. 

When we got our second litter of kittens, I was allowed a little more freedom. In fact, she let me do all of the poo and pee cleaning, which I didn't mind at all. 

Unfortunately, these kitties had ringworm, which I got, too. In fact, I got the ringworm on my nose, so I spread it everywhere. Oops. It was an itchy time in my life. After the ringworm, we were quarantined for the rest of kitten season, and my career as a kitten-mom was short-lived. 

Regardless, going into kitten season, shelters and volunteers need a lot of support! 

  • You can read up on Kitten Season here: Paws for Life and The Human Society

  • You can connect with Hobo Hotels in Lake Charles, LA.

  • You can make sure that your cat is spayed/neutered, and use area resources to spay/neuter any strays. 

  • You can foster cats or kittens. 

  • You can adopt a cat/kitten from a local shelter. 

  • You can donate the following things to local shelters: towels, fleece blankets, cat carriers, wire folding crates, heating pads, KMR kitten formula, canned kitten food (especially Royal Canin BabyCat brand), bottles (specifically for kitten feeding), dry kitten food (any brand), clay, non-clumping litter, and litter pans. 

I've been begging my mom to volunteer me to lick kitten butts, but she says that's gross.