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Bark at the Ballpark

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Last week, we went to Bark at the Ballpark for #NationalDogDay. It was a lot of fun! 


The Charlotte Knights stadium is really nice, and there was plenty of space to walk around and sniff butts. There's also a some grass in case you have to pee, and don't want to pee on a light pole.


There's not much better than hanging out with our people and their friends and their friends' dogs, especially Ollie! Oh and they like beer, so the baseball game was a good place to go. 

There were also a lot of people there who just like dogs, so Fin and I got a lot of pets! 


There were a lot of pet stores giving out free stuff! We got toys and bandanas! Our dad even had to run back to the car to drop off all of our loot! 

So Many Puppies! 

All the other puppies there made it even better! Between the puppies and the baseball stadium smells, there were lots of sniffs! 

Okay, Mom, when do we get to go back?