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Backpacking Adventure: Part I

Doggies, PetsAngelina OberdanComment

Over Easter weekend, we got to go backpacking! 

Our parents packed our packs full of tuna, dry dog food and licks, and we headed out. It was a pretty long drive, and we didn't know where we were going. And the roads were windy, which Fin didn't mind but I did. 

When we got out to Nantahala National Forest, we were pretty excited. 

There were a lot of streams and waterfalls to play in. 

My favorite part was the waterfall with the sand in front of it. I was like, ‘Holycowholycowholycow!’ It was like sand-heaven.
— Finley

And by dinner time, we were really hungry! 

And really sleepy! 

This was just the first day! Check back tomorrow for Backpacking Adventure: Part 2!