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Happy Fur-Day Friday!

Oh Hey Friday, DoggiesLayla Comment

My mom usually does 5 Things Friday on her blog, but I decided to take over this week. Here goes...


Dan was gone all week, and I missed him, but I also got more bed space. I'm not complaining. #morespaceforme


It might be cold out, but that also means that it's muddy. I love mud. Actually my first blog post ever was on mud: click here to check it out. I got dirtier than every other dog at the dog park last night because I took a mud bath. Winning!


Ya know? I've been feeling really spunky lately. I think it's the fancy vitamin treats my mom gives me now. 


Fin's been really squirmy this week. See below for evidence. 


Mom has a long weekend this weekend so I'm hoping we can do a peanut butter photoshoot. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here

Happy fur-day Friday!