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My First 5k: Layla is Best Dog Runner EVER

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We run a lot with our people, but Fin and I have never gotten to actually run in a race. My mom told me that a lot of races don't allow dogs, but most of our local races are arranged by Start 2 Finish events, and they usually do.  

All in all, it was fun, but I have few outstanding questions:

1. Why can't I lick strangers' hands and try to get them to pet me?  

2. Why is it not okay to stop in the middle of a hill and see who is around you? 

3. Why can't we just take a nap in the grass sometimes? 

4. Why doesn't everyone want to pet me?  

5. And why didn't they serve pupsicles at the Sundae run? 

After the run there were a lot of kids who wanted to pet us and roll in the grass with us so we let them. Finley got some ice cream in his fur, too. And then we got to go home and take a long nap, and I feel asleep on my mom's head. 

Do your people run with you? Send pictures!